You have no doubt visited our page because you are interested in finding out more about how you can join the FUN, EXCITING, PROFITABLE world of dog grooming. Dog Grooming in 2012 was a 52 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and there STILL aren't enough groomers out there . I have developed this course because I need groomers all the time and I can't find qualified I'm going to build qualified groomers by teaching them EVERYTHING I have learned (the hard way) throughout the 28 years I have been grooming.

If you are looking for a cheap, quick way to learn dog grooming, this is not it. You can't learn to become a professional dog groomer in a week, or even a month. Courses that offer to teach you to groom for $300 and promise you will be grooming in a month are a scam. Don't waste your money because that is what it is, a waste of money. You truly get what you paid for!!

No grooming establishment will hire you if you tell them you took a $300 course and learned all you need to know in a month. You would be a liability. I truly won't hire any groomer unless he or she has at least two years of experience or has recently completed and is certified by a REAL GROOMING SCHOOL. It literally took me years to learn all I know about dog grooming. Even after I had graduated from Grooming School, I still learned something new each and every day for the next 10 years, but you don't have to learn the hard way, because I will show you everything I know, in my course.

My Course is a 350 hour course. You won't only learn how to groom, but you will learn how to groom all the breeds you will ever be expected to groom. I will give you all my tips, all my secrets and all my knowledge. That is a promise I will make becasue I want you to succeed. I want to be able to hire good quality, professional groomers. When you have completed my course, you will be someone I would hire. I will even show you how to start your own grooming business, in your home, a shop or as a mobile groomer. You will be THAT confident in your grooming skills!!!

The best part about my course is that you can come to us to take the course or take an ONLINE COURSE, in the privacy of your own home, on your own time!

Upon completion of my course you will be given a Certificate of Completion and I will give you a personal letter of recognition that you can take to any potential employer. You WILL be a Professional Groomer and you will be hired, because as I said, there is a shortage of qualified groomers out there. I make $84,000 a year, grooming part time . I work 4 days a week. I go on vacation when I want and you can have this too. Please check out the rest of our website and I truly look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the goals I have achieved, as a Dog Groomer.